Issue with maps

I am currently not seeing maps for the observations, not yet sure if this is just a temporary glitch with Google or something else that needs fixing.

I can see the maps for observations

working for me now too so probably just a short glitch, will delete this thread in a while

Don’t remove the thread
It is likely you encountered the VERY annoying Map Witch
She comes when you are adding a comment to an Observation and when the URL has the suffix #new.
I find it VERY annoying and sometimes have to open a second version to see the map.
It has been like this for years and has been reported a few times

Trying to add an observation this morning I’ve successfully uploaded a photo but can’t get iSpot to accept either postcode, postal town name or grid reference for the location. It’s not displaying a map for me to use either.

Is it working for you now, it seems to be ok for me. I wonder if this is an issue of the various systems working together, if one has a glitch or update then it may affect the others for a while.

It is, thanks.

It’s gremlins, I tell you, gremlins! If you push them out of one place, they go and cause trouble elsewhere.

Thanks for that dejay. Yes I’ve been encountering this for years, and thought it was just due to the way I was opening the page - I still use an old-fashioned ‘notebook’ and frequently change the window sizes.
Just to share a HAPPY THOUGHT. Are others aware of the amazing quality of the images now displayed? Also how easy it must be with a touch screen to view the image and change the image size? Thanks to those who have implemented this technology - outshines many other sites.