Join The OU Panel of Experts on why is the discussion about climate models important?

The OU Panel Expert Talks - Ask the Experts: Why is the discussion about climate models important? Tickets, Wed 8 Jun 2022 at 12:00 | Eventbrite This Ask the Experts event will look at collaborative work on climate change modelling and why it is so important.

About this event
Join three Open University experts and a Professor from University of Bath for this topical “Ask the Expert” event:

The event will discuss how climate models are derived and introduce the principles through which new climate models are being developed to reflect how the climate is changing away from historical records. It will consider moves to develop models which allow more localised, in time and locality, modelling of the climate. In particular, recent modelling has revealed that the effects of extreme climates are becoming more localised than those represented by the official figures for a given region. The modelling efforts being undertaken are intended to enable these local differences to be visualised

The aim is to provide more informative information for local policy decision-making so that local authorities can make decisions based on the effect that the localised climate will have in the 5-to-10-year period from now. This is important not only for forward planning but also for health and utility service planning.

The event offers an opportunity to foster inclusive open schooling with future-oriented science. The CONNECT collaborative platform will be introduced. This platform connects science professionals and facilitates partnership interactions.