Leatherback Turtle

We found what we think was a dead Leatherback Turtle on Forvie Sands at Newburgh in Aberdeenshire on 27/09/2017
We took some photographs of it and was looking for confirmation of what it was.
We have uploaded them to this website
Hope someone can help

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You did well to find that Tony. I began to get very angry with Search (again) yesterday, (so I could post the link here). I became locked (imprisoned?) in ZA or course, it is very dominant in Search, even in Google!
And I am glad you are announcing the route to Changes - it seems to me that few people are using it or know of its existence even.
Happier days are coming …when?..

I gave up with the Search long ago: clearly it has never worked since it was uploaded on this new version.
I merely worked out that it had to be uploaded over the last two days in the UK community and looked at herps in the latest observations carousel.

It is worse that people not noticing: it is HIDDEN!! How on earth are people supposed to use a site that does not work and what does is secreted in silly places?

Happier days: which bubble are you floating in?