"Live" nests plus not-at-all-irritating padding up to 15 characters

Re. a couple of recent posts: is there still a supposed prohibition on posting active nests? If so, we perhaps ought to point it out to newer users, who may be unaware.

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Clearly no-one knows - or cares. :slightly_smiling_face:

I sometimes add a comment pointing out the iSpot rule at https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/article/471/terms-of-use or, in more blatant or repeated cases, I use the “Report content as inappropriate” button.

Yes - I have done so, but it always seems a bit churlish.
The site administration seem very reluctant to involve themselves in the day-to-day activities of the site: I believe they should either rescind the rule, or actively enforce it. They shouldn’t rely on the users.

We certainly don’t want any churl…
Below is the relevant bit that Thistle links to:
I have amended (to make it more ‘friendly’) by adding a “please and thank you”.
Photos of all types of wildlife from around the world are very welcome on iSpot provided that they have been taken and provided in accordance with local legislation. As a result:
a) Nesting birds are vulnerable to disturbance if not approached with care. It is common practice for them to be protected by law (as is the case in Britain and Ireland). So please, no photographs of nesting birds or nests on iSpot. Thank you.
b) Bats are also vulnerable to disturbance. Again, it is common practice for them to be protected by law. In particular, it is generally illegal to intentionally or recklessly disturb a bat at a roost. So, please, no photographs of bats at a roost on iSpot. thank you.

Can we realistically expect admin to vet every post? I’d hope that they would act when a post is pointed out to them by one of the community.

A good point!
On the other hand, I seldom fail to at least have a quick look at every post (using list view). It takes me typically an hour or so: though if I have the time I can easily and willingly double that by following up external links or visiting related posts.
But estimate that it could be done - if you didn’t actually visit any - in maybe 10 to 15 minutes. Perhaps we should we expect that level of vigilance from site administrators, given what does get posted on some sites?

There is a rule about birds nests. The rule is no birds nests, but it is only hard and fast like this so that it is ‘easy’ to enforce, ideally in every case there would be an assessment of whether there could be any disturbance to nesting birds. This is not possible as you can’t see all the circumstances just from what the person has posted. For example seeing a crows nest on the ground blown out of a tree at a time of year when crows are not nesting can’t really result in disturbance to birds. Organisations such as BTO have people visiting active nests.
So people should not post pictures of birds nests on iSpot but if some get through it is not the end of the world. New users may not know the rules yet and may not realise they could be causing disturbance and old users may forget. In both cases they can be reminded about the reason for the rule.