Location on adding obs

This has most likely been mentioned before but where I have no idea.Why when I start to add an observation does the map default to the Midlands not Norfolk or East Anglia? Another bug for ISPOT to identify.

I suspect that the problem is with your system/ISP giving iSpot the wrong geolocation.

Any ideas how to rectify.Now using IE and it doesn’t ask for my location.Cannot use Firefox as unable to log in.

Not off hand. (I went into the Chrome configuration and removed permission to give iSpot my location, which changed the behaviour from presenting the wrong area to present the whole of the British Isles.)

I’d have to google to find out how geolocation works with web browsers. A first attempt finds instructions which don’t seem to correspond with current reality. (It seems that browsers on desktops use IP to geolocation services, so if they’re wrong you need a means of manually specifying your location. It seems that there are plugins designed to spoof your location, but they could also be used to specify your true location; but that assumes that you want to take the risk of adding a plugin to your browser - there’s not much gained for the risk you accept.)

Thanks anyway just wish I could use Firefox instead of IE never had this problem before.

Sometimes I get the British Isles map. and sometimes my house address. It seems completely arbitrary.

I have found that if my images are georeferenced and have Lat/Long, the location is loaded correctly, otherwise it defaults to current location and then correct observation location information must be entered manually.

Does this mean you have GPS switch on in your camera and the location is Autoloaded to the Observation?

Yes. This is by far the easiest way to do localities.

Except that not all of use GPS on our cameras (too heavy on batteries), but keep track on our GPS and link the two later.

Yes, mine is switched off for that reason but I think I might test is soon. I really do not need absolute accuracy (I would if I was uploading 30 a day!) and I like using the map anyway, sometimes opening the Sat (to find a School corner say)

And I have an old camera with no GPS on board, and no GPS! ETC! So iSpot programmers removed the function that would track my location name, which I could then just click and the GPS codes would be correct, when I added an obs . Now I have to bother getting the location correct EVERY time I add an ob, and am actually at the point where I (almost don’t care) about where my obs end up in " Die Wilgers Pretoria"!
( Sooo frustrating!)

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No more autocomplete of a previously used location! Is this for real? Since 99% of my obs are from the same location, I have to go through the ENTIRE PROCESS every time???
It can’t ‘find’ the location either, even though Google knows the address of Korsman Bird Sanctuary well enough.
Having GPS co-ords from the camera would only solve half the problem, because one still needs to add the title and location notes, a tedious process.

We have asked for this Bug to be fixed.
Sorry about it.

Bug #118

My camera per se does not have GPS functionality. however I have a smartphone App (Camera Connect for selected Canon cameras) that allows me to add GPS data to my images. The other method I use to georeference my images is to use a geotracking App (Like Geo Tracker from the Android App Store) to record ,my track while I’m taking photos, then once my images are downloaded to my laptop I use another programme (like GPicSync) to add the metadata to my images.

My workaround for this - maybe a bit clumsy, but it works if you’re uploading many observations from the same locality - is to circumvent the need to retype locality info repeatedly by creating a file with all your frequent locations, then just copy/paste from this file to iSpot while uploading observations.

Thanks Gigi, that’s a good suggestion until the bug is fixed. I will probably ‘save up’ most of my obs until it (and the Changes) are restored, though!

BUT sadly my smartphone is also not sooo smart! Thanks for the suggestion, anyway.