Migratory Locust

Drawing your attention to this observation I made this afternoon but which the system has rather screwed up the thumbnail of.
It might be a migratory locust, at least that is my attempt at an ID before someone corrects me. If it is a migratory locust then it may be quite an important observation and possibly herald an invasion of the creatures which are causing havoc in parts of Europe this year.

I see the ID has now been updated to Anacridium aegyptium which has a few more records in UK but still rare. Not clear if this could have got here under its own steam, brought in accidentally or escaped from a collection.

Excellent Observation but note there is a record in Shetland AND arctic Norway.
It’s a nice record and well worth putting in the Forum, thanks.

Some people keep locusts to feed to their reptiles. Maybe this one escaped?

I don’t know about current practice, but the high school I attended has locusts in the biology classroom.