Minutes to load UK - & where is it?

What on Earth has happened to the speed of loading UK observations? It must be running close to 2 minutes for more than a week. It will hardly be encouraging participation. On those lines, WHEN is someone going to correct the main page, which brazenly heads itself UK & IRELAND LATEST OBSERVATIONS but isn’t that at all but everything & the box it came in.

The issue has been discussed at length elsewhere in the forum (e.g. ‘S l o w…’), and apparently the ‘fix’ isn’t easy. The recent loss of an experienced programmer probably hasn’t helped.
You’re not the only one to find it frustrating: I have missed many posts because I couldn’t load the main observations at all. Together with the Google Maps ‘bug’, it’s caused me to lose my enthusiasm: but it must be disheartening for the (apparently few) iSpot admins who do interact with the users, too.

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On the other hand, it is easier than trying to get an appointment with a GP!!!

Now that is true! It does seem to have perked up a lot at present. I shall keep my fingers crossed.