MORE Favourites - from 22 April

The start of a new Favourites threat (I meant thread)
the original link has been deleted - here’s my OWN fave photo of yesterday
Does it work?

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A new mystery waiting to be solved…

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Since people might otherwise notice the update.

If it is the hybrid, it would be a second site for the UK (it was recorded downstream from Harlow Carr a few years back).
Stay abreast of the project FOUNDING and be surprised by a few early Observations

Reads OK, but produces a 404 error - I assume that is the plan?

let me know about any 404 or other errors

Sometimes the old ones are the best. It has 6323 reads…

apart from early Admin Pages, this must be the highest number of views in iSpot.
I wonder why so many people have viewed it.
I suspect it might be because the Observation comes up in Google searches - it did today.

Beautiful just!

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From The :heart:iFocus series - friendly debate as to the species of bird - leucistic chaffinch?

The originator has taken the trouble to add more photos. Could anyone with the requisite skills please revisit?

We now begin the drab months of awful records of dismal Fungi
NO shortage here
But NOT today, with this one
Excellence in Photography, habitat, angles and interest

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More excellence from Aldcameron
Just in case everyone thinks one picture and no notes is enough

Very nice indeed (if not for the Rutpela).

Just arrived here, armed with the link to Steve’s hornet observation and ready to sing the praises of this wonderful story well told.

Yes, Steve’s observation is pretty special.
My favourite observation today / summer is Mark’s Wildflower Field

Two for one from Francesca! What’s not to love?
The greatest…

Nothing special here: but it’s a lovely “behaviour” post (and I like dogs). Sometimes the familiar species provide the best moments.

Yes, lovely, isn’t it?
Any tips on how to create the link with the photo? My attempt to get to the page to Francesca’s ended up being a bit halfway.

I really don’t know why it is displaying that way. The link seems sound. Maybe:
Go to the post and copy the address
Come back and edit your entry, delete the “faulty” link, then paste in the new copy.