MORE Favourites - from 22 April

But are they wild flowers? They look like the kind of seed mix that garden centres sell.

Ah yes, I see he says deliberately planted.

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Simply good, patient, careful observing.

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This has lots of photos… can the ispot arachnologists id spiderlings?

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My favourite - story about a dying Bee’s behaviour…

This one is a delight, the story, the images and the comment from RC with another story.

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this one (from the current iFocus) needs an ID

Is it acceptable to flag my own Lizard post here, as I am sure the herpetologists can help, but having posted it in France, it may have been missed.


i cannot call this a favourite but I lost a lot of time on it yesterday
Please see if YOU can add an ID
From the current :heart:iFocus
Edit removed preview, saves space. Must be done within 28 days
Just delete until the final slash in …rvation/256151/ (leave the slash)

Thanks iSpotters, French Lizard ID now supplied.

Lovely example of an iSpotter’s commitment to identify someone else’s invert

This is a lovely little gently told story - AND it needs a fishy icon person to validate and provide a likely ID.

Spend a few moments here
[link removed by request of admin, more news on new dictionary will be given later]
Read, learn and AGREE

It won’t let me look at this link. “401 authorisation required”. Do I get that from the CIA?

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That’s the acceptance server for the new UK dictionary that we’re going to be launching soon. Its only for testing purposes, hence the extra login.

I apologise.
It was Linked illegally by me and in ERROR.
It was a link to a VERY nice Observation in the main site but I had accessed it in the Test site inadvertently
Can you find the link @miked or @Chris_Valentine I feel it MUST have been worth sharing