Mosses - Looking forward to 2023!

British Bryological Society
Next year, the BBS will be celebrating its Centenary anniversary. The Society was formally constituted on 1st January 1923 by members of the Moss Exchange Club, the precursor to the BBS.
…there is a plan to launch the first UK National Moss Day, probably sometime in October 2023

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Definitely best to have a moss day in winter rather than summer as they can be all screwed up in summer especialy in SE England.

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Edward Fry (one of the Bristol Fry’s (chocolate)) and daughter Agnes published these two books in 1908 (mosses 2nd edition) and Liverworts 1911. Both 1/6d.

Neither seems to have been recorded in MEMBERS OF THE MOSS EXCHANGE CLUB (1896-1922) AND BRITISH BRYOLOGICAL SOCIETY (1923-1945) though other Fry’s are mentioned.

I think that Bryology for Fry was a pastime – his day job was English Lord Justice of Appeal (1883–1892) and an arbitrator on the Permanent Court of Arbitration. Edward Fry - Wikipedia

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Looked at the wiki link then thought of another biologically related person I knew called Fry Miss Barbara Fry, retirement from Rosewarne E.H.S. · She was a Narcissus breeder among other things. Then also thought that people who have wiki entries perhaps should also have the panel down the side showing their family history(at least who is related to who) or whatever like other organisms do or at least links to another site with this information in.

Have you ever heard of proud mothers specking of ANDY - this could be one of them
His day job was English [Lord Justice of Appeal].AND HE was also a expert on mosses

At the end of Lawley article are listed all the members; I was intrigued by how many of them were related to each other, parents and children of course, but they also married into other bryologist families. Well, I guess they got to know each other by being interested in the subject.