National shieldbug day

Does anyone know if there is a ‘National shieldbug day’? If not then I am thinking of starting one for these unloved creatures. Could start off just as an ispot project or similar and ask the relevant schemes and socs if they want to make a day or week associated with them.
One other question is what time of year, there are so many days for this or that in the spring and summer that I was thinking more of mid Sept but of course depends on the life cycle. Are enough of the species around in mid Sept and readily identifiable. Glancing through some of the ispot observations( more are made in spring and summer but still a reasonable number in September.
Any thoughts?

There are 2666 observations (55 pages in the Community Filter), too many for a :heart:iFocus but not for a longer-term Spotlight - I can form one in seconds if you ask.
There plenty without agreements, very few comments, two that are ungrouped, a few with more than one ID and some that are quite wrong but with Banners.
Some are LOVELY, a few going an extra pleasure-mile
My thoughts are to PROMOTE them in iSpot soon
Looks like the whole World may have missed this

Haven’t heard of a National Shieldbug Day.
How about using the available IFOCUS slot in September to raise awareness and then follow it up with a National Day when the nymphs are about? You could always set the date to restrict having too many observations for an iFocus.

I would love a National Shieldbug day and agree with all the suggestions. Personally I think they’re great. And thanks Derek for flagging my Turtle Bug observation!

How about doing one of these then. I have a slight ulterior motive in that Ihave been trying to get OU courses to use shield bugs for years in student observing but not got anywhere so if there were a nice page bringing them all together then I could say look at these wonderful creatures, your students would love to record them.

Under Development
How could everyone ignore this one? (removed preview)
I know; just because it’s a Global Observation. Shame on us!

Do all shieldbugs come with added ladybirds?

they should be but probably not
I have completed the iSpotlight for you to use how you wish.
The ONLY viewing it gets is though my Signature.
If you want it in the Projects Panel for a while please say.
I may add some more resource but one of the ‘problems’ with projects is they are over-texed!

The Spotlight doesn’t seem to have captured any Birch Shieldbugs? I posted a Birch Shieldbug yesterday and the two observations preceding mine (by Mags & Moremoth) are all missing from the Spotlight. My observation:

The Acanthosomatidae Taxonomy for the Birch Shield Bug
Animalia / Arthropoda / Hexapoda / Insecta / Hemiptera / Acanthosomatidae /

And for the original iSpotlight was
Animalia / Arthropoda / Hexapoda / Insecta / Hemiptera / Pentatomidae /

So different Families
The Browser for Acanthosomatidae shows perhaps 800 Other Shieldbugs are missing from the Spotlight
Here is the Browser for Pentatomidae
I am not certain what to do except make at least 3 iSpotlights (probably 4) and link them together.
I will get on the case

UNDER DEVELOPMENT and one of three others
The new Dictionary does not solve this issue, as the Superfamily still does not link the Families.
To complete this task I will probably have to produce 3 or 4 linked iSpotlights in one master edition called The ShieldBugs of iSpot. That would have links to the Families and contain the most useful links for Observers of Shieldbugs
I have done most of the research and have formed the Index Project but might need to move it from the Home page

I knew you would find a solution - thanks.
I liked the lead photo you chose for the Acanthosomatidae Spotlight btw.

Actually it might be a nice solution. It took me an age though and changing locations for Projects means a lot of failed links
I am having trouble staying abreast of Projects.
Only those who actually DO a project will realise the workload!
The ShieldBug Master can stay where it is (big revision later) but I will have to sacrifice a couple of my No-ID Projects as so few people are interested in lost moths, larvae, lichens, fungi…etc.
I wish I could steal old and disused Projects!

I’ve had a go at some no-agreements but these need okaying, please, to sort the banner:

GOOD to see so many clicks ‘above’
Others at Superfamily, which is not well supported in iSpot or in the new proposed dictionary.
These would be ‘better’ with a slightly more precise ID.
Can anyone help?

The only way to find these is to use the Community Browser
As search in iSpot for such things as Superfamilies always seems to favour Southern Africa (iSpotza)
TRY searching for Pentatomoidea
The solution in SANBI is good. The Superfamily (Pentatomoidea) is dealt with very well.
It would be nice to see it replicated in iSpot UK&I

No.2 for revised id check, please.

And number 5, thanks.

And number 7, thanks.

I may have completed the task of linking ALL the Shieldbugs here.
16 Edits today!
I’d appreciate a few trials to see if I have the links correct