Navigating projects

I’m revisiting some of the posts in the unidentified invertebrates project. The problem I’m having is that, using gallery view, each page takes around 20 - 30s to load (i5 processor PC). So, as I progress, it’s taking quite a while to reach the place I left off.
Is it possible to navigate directly to a page number in a gallery, rather than using “next”?

Unfortunately it is not possible to jump to page number. It is also going slowly on my machine in the office as well, will ask server people if there is a problem as I noticed something completey different on server was also going slowly.
To get to other pages, especially the older ones we often change the dates on the project so e.g. choose the observations before or after a particular date. Only the person who set up the project (or me) can change aspects of the project. Am sure dejayM will read this so he may decide to alter the dates if he thinks this might be useful, actually he may have tried this already but may do it again.

Ha - Frustrating eh?
Item 13 here Improvements requested
A list that has lost its sparkle for me - as no-one was acknkowleging it.

When I began the Inverts there were eleven thousand Obs
In every project of its type, we have done a few pages at a time. But with ones that need an ID, in each and every case, there is little point in just listing a few at a time.
The Inverts project is long and it began with few pages at a time, beginning at the earliest Obs. We were looking for Moths and posts without pictures - that’s how the Moths Project came about.
That was easy as once they had been cleared from each batch, I could redate.
Tell me, would you like me to change the date-range regularly for the next month? It’s in my power…

A kind offer, but I think not: my visits are occasional, and not very productive. It would be putting you to an unnecessary drudge. I just find it a bit off-putting - there are other issues I’d prefer to see tackled first (that list again…)

Something for the weekend?

Open the project, click on the Observations Map a couple of times, produces regional blocks. Click one that is under 20 and work on the TITLES you fancy

Now see

Udated 25 January and down to 7570 from well over 11 thousand.
Spiders, Bees, Moths, Beetles, Moth Flies, Moth Larvae, Bumble bees and a few others will now be in Collections and hopefully listed in a panel on the Home Page.