Not enough trees to plant

Saw in newspaper that there are nowhere near enough trees available for the governments plans to cover UK in trees as part of its carbon reduction strategy. This seems a bit crazy as ecology will magically cover the land in trees on its own using locally sourced seed so long as the grazing pressure is not too intense.

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And developers remove them …

And it might help if people stopped chopping down trees …
And there are some places where trees shouldn’t be planted because these areas ( e.g. peat bogs) have already done the carbon capture.

There are plenty of self seeded saplings about.
The best way is to select self seeded saplings where they are too close together and move them to un-graized land to grow on.
Too many people send things like acorns and chestnuts to the council for shredding and composting when they could be simply spread on land that is proposed for planting as woodland. That way they will self thin leaving the healthiest trees.

Of course you could say bring back Mrs Thatcher as she had ideas to cover large chunks of UK in trees many years ago, particularly midlands where there is so little tree cover, but plans took very many years to be implemented and I suspect many areas never planted at all. One wonders whether the same thing will happen with the Borris forest plans.

Miked, re MT; You may say that, I couldn’t possibly comment.
Did you see that I suggested here on 1st Nov that stopping chopping down trees might help? Then COP26 announces an end to deforestation by 2030. If I’d known they needed that advice, I’d have spoken up earlier… Fancy having more clout at COP 26 than on iSpot.

I hope so.

John Bratton
Founder, Conservationists Against Tree-Planting

I’m working my way throuhg this one…

How pleasant to see the whole document instead of having to cheat or pay $10 to view.
Thanks, good read. I plant trees, one at a time, for small-pleasure, I hate the management restrictions that grant aid authorities apply.
Interesting graphic