Observation of the month calendar

The person who is doing it for that month chooses the observations they like (see previous observations of the month), then they write a paragraph or two and send it to me and I put it on as a story so everyone can see it.

Was there one done in May?

I personally don’t see it as a problem at all that the same person does it multiple times, tbh I think that was the most likely outcome anyway.

Ok. thanks. the box wont let me send just thanks

so iv had to add exstra writing. I dont know why it wont let you send things like that that dont require more than 3 words

Yes, unfortunately there has to be a minimum of 20 characters in the responses for some reason.

So, the May one is well behind and I suspect a promise may be cracked or broken
Would it be OK if I breezed through the 2213 observations and pick the best FIVE in my opinion?
I will write a summary
I need to KNOW SOON

Janice is down for May but if she is too busy elsewhere to do Observation of the Month then we should accept Derek’s kind offer to step in and prepare one.

I agree, as long as that’s still ok with Dejay.

well, as Mike knows, in preparation for my offer, I got well under-way with the (actually) 1888 observations.
I stopped because I could see it possibly leading to difficulties. Mike certainly felt he could not give me the go-ahead because of Janice’s promise and Janice did not respond to my emails.
I must say, it was not going to be easy completing the task.
It can still be done (I have my text still) - I NEED the blessing of admin though. It will take me quite a few hours to complete, considering the site’s resistance to Displaying, Filtering and Searching.
And the moment(um) may have gone

Let’s hope you get a view on what to do about May quite soon, while its obs are still fresh in your amazing mind (!!) :slight_smile:

I can start working on June if that’s acceptable to others/Mike but I’m not clear on views following my message of a few days ago, maybe 4/5 June. I think maybe we were hoping for fresh eyes each month?

That is fine as far as I am concerned, there is noone in for June so it would be good if you do it mags49.
I reminded Janice again yesterday about May.

IF @miked tells @Janice_A , then I will accept the challenge to do an interim version. It will take me a few more days but it WILL fill gap that might be left in the callendar. I should NOT do it unless Janice hands over (please). I am watching this space and [email protected]
SOON please I know that Mike is away from the Office

Thanks for getting back to me, Mike. I will do it for June, please edit the pinned message at the top to show that when you have time. M

Janice is at a conference for a couple more days so I suspect it is unlikely she will be able to do anything especially given the speed of the site.

I take that as a GO AHEAD
You MUST tell her as soon as possible - I hope she will be relieved and say so.
I do not want to start and not finish, it is fiendishly time consuming at the mo.

Publishing tomorrow 12 June

Done, dusted and published.

Well done Miked for getting it on the Home page. He is away on the Sense Projects with weak internet connections
I am on a coffee break!
Here they ALL are Observations | Gallery | UK and Ireland | Page 1 | iSpot Nature


Excellent work and lovely to browse through, Dejay!

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Actually I am not away on sense project but on different fieldwork for much of the day and doing other stuff on sense at the same time as sorting the obs of month but do have several hats.

Not according to your profile picture.