Off-season Observations?

Is there mileage in collecting ‘seriously’ off season Observations?
I have devised a tag offseason so that any of us could add it, or ask for it to be added.
i am not certain how to define off-season but I think you will know when the tag might be useful.
If you use it, click on it to see other off-season observations
PLEASE do not create new versions of offseason
This looks like a late spring scene but the photo was taken was yesterday

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Seen lots of garden shrubs in London that are flowering now instead of Feb so indeed offseason applies to those too.

Tag could be useful for searches, and to log our changing conditions. However, very useful could be the opportunity to search by month of observation within taxon? OK, I know… structural change to how things work, but I do use that feature surprisingly often on iNat!

I think this tag could be widely used. Don’t be afraid to use it, don’t be afraid ask users to add it to suitable posts, don’t be afraid to ask the Curator to add the tag in Observations where the user has ‘left’. click on it anytime to see the collection so far. Spread the word.
More about >>TAGGING<<

Agreed, will do (blah blah blah to 20)

Late November japonica.
It is the first time this plant has flowered since being started from a cutting.