One for the botanists

Can you look at this and help id the plant


This plant is in the Fungi group. Anyone able to identify it. Thanks

Many thanks for the identification and agreements

Removed. Thanks for identifying the two observations.

This observation from 2015 has an ID but needs an agreement to generate a Likely Banner.

This 2015 flower observation needs an identification

Leaf mine observation. Can anyone confirm the ID of the plant?

Possibly Lonicera hispidula…(USA?)

As you say, here is one for the German botanist.
“The genus, Lonicera , is named for Adam Lonicer (1528 - 1586), a German botanist noted for his 1557 revised version of Eucharius Rösslin’s herbal. He became professor of Mathematics in 1553 and Doctor of Medicine in 1554, becoming the town physician in Frankfurt-am-Main. His true interest though was herbs and the study of botany.”

500 plants that need some nourishment
I will recycle the Project after Christmas.
Please leave comments in those you feel are hopeless