Paragraphing longer text in the 'description' of an observation

I can’t seem to separate into paragraphs a longer passage of text in the description. The resulting text looks like a formless slab. Example: a recent post where the current ‘lockdown’ let me say more… but even I find that amount of unbroken text daunting and I wrote it! Have tried to add spaces in editing and will keep trying. I suspect there is an easy keystroke combination to make gaps appear, but have not located it. I am using an iMac. Any advice?

Maybe this will work… Dejay showed me what to do.
To make an “empty line” i.e. to show a new paragraph, go to new line, add a full stop and press enter…
I’ve done it to separate the recent “Edit” I made on this post. You can see the full stop on the empty line.

You could also add a newspaper style headline for each paragraph in place of the full stop.

iSpot defaults to no paragraph space. You can introduce a (nearly - HTML ignores blank space) empty paragraph as a substitute for paragraph space. A period, as mentioned above, works. Altnernatively you can use a non-breaking space - &nsbp;
As I’ve just done.
If iSpot ever changes their style sheet to generate paragraph space we’d end up with triple paragraph space instead.

Thanks, this is very helpful and easy to apply (sounds like). M

Yes, this one is also straightforward to apply, thanks. M

Thanks for taking the time. I don’t think I know how to introduce an empty paragraph but I can see the effect of your non-breaking space though I don’t know to generate it. I don’t even know how to reply to several posts at once, as the helpful pop-up is now advising me do - but too late! I have to apologise for not understanding much of this. M

The HTML character code for a non-breaking space is  

You just type that into the text as the whole content of a paragraph, creating what is to all intents and purposes an empty paragraph - one with no visible content.
With regards to the other question, if you select some text in an earlier post a quote button appears. If you press that the selected text is copied into your reply.

This is useful, really did not know how people achieved these quotes! I’ll try the character code method to create a para break on my observation. Thanks very much for taking the time.

Yes, got it. Thanks!