can you help me (us)?
I have this gorgeous, though not expensive phone (£220). It has a good camera on board. I cannot make it work well enough to match my pride, nor my pocket camera.

WHO then, is being successful with a Phone cam and dare point us (this is for us all) to a decent Observation that relies on Phone cam pix?
Who has good tips tips about camera stability, depth of focus and a quality that stands up to iSpot’s full size view?
Here’s mine
Some of those pictures are taken at 2043/25000th of a second at f2 - meaningless?

Thinking back a few years these are mostly very good photos compared to compact cameras of that time. The problems are mainly from the phone camera trying to be too clever and mushing up things rather than producing digital noise. I think there may be a way to get the real image out without the processing but I may be wrong about that (very few do raw images but some may allow you to reduce or almost stop the amount of automatic processing).

Another issue is that most don’t allow you to use longer exposure rather than increasing ISO so need good light.

If you want closeups then some of the clip on lenses can be not that bad and the phone might be pursuaded to do several images in a burst and select the sharpest one or the one with best focus or even do a focus stack automatically. Suspect none of these will be as good as the compact camera and may be more hit or miss.

Thanks, I know you use the Phonecam effectively
I set-to today to get some better images - (I’ll link the Ob here). It is not difficult but a true photographer will delete far more Phone-cam pictures as unsuitable. personally, I suspect it is a huge time waster, better with a cheap, but good-lensed, dedicated pocket cam.
I did this year’s ago
and this is in the Help Crousel just now I think it illustrates how everyone thinks they are a photographer because they have a camera in their Communication device!.

Well this was a phone camera (strictly an iPad camera but it’s the same camera as in an iPhone of the same generation)

However the ID using the photos came from another system not iSpot.