Pictures not displaying

On this entry ( none of the photographs are displaying for me just the grey placeholder image.

Yep I agree, click on Full Size, always a good way to check - Page Not Found is pretty indicative!
But the site is running slower and slower, despite promises, promises…

There is already a page devoted to this .

I have added your observation there.

By the by: Magda found that some characters are illegal in the picture titles (the ones alongside the pictures when you edit or upload), and that if she edited out these characters then her pictures displayed.

I suggest that this topic be closed. Please post any similar problems on the page

Your missing picture icon (is it yours?) resembles a toilet seat. Co-incidence?

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It also looks a bit like an occlupanid

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As this Thread is (supposed to be) closed I think we should have an area for really Nice and interesting Things (rNiTs) somewhere. Could you start that @lavateraguy ?

There are two Threads with the same theme
This is a test project. Note the absent pictures, page 2) are from one user, this really suggests a User issue (as well as the Bug)