Post for deletion

I propose to delete this post:

I’m aware that posting anything mentioning domestic cats (other than to share some cute behaviour, or to ask for help finding a missing one) can result in an emotive debate over their impact on wildlife (an average of 50 and 138 wild animals killed per cat per annum, according to a survey reported in British Wildlife.
The response to this observation has been very mild, compared to what gets posted elsewhere. However, the post fails in its main intent, which was to record the fledging of the species in my part of the world: it has gained no agreements.
So I’m proposing to remove it, rather than leave it as a rather downbeat post.

Hi, I’ve just seen your post here and followed the link to your observation, agreed and commented. Thanks for promoting it here and I hope you decide not to delete it. All the best, HB

Hi Amadan,
Your post of 27th May - you say you may delete because it gained no agreements. Isn’t it the 28th May today? Am I missing something?

I hesitate to agree with your id because to me it looks like a blue tit. But you have presumably seen the parents.

No - but in my experience, posts that don’t attract agreements or corrections within a very short period (especially at present, with fewer distractions for most), they are unlikely to do so later.
But see below.

This has become convoluted. As well as the tone of the post, John B questions the identification. Occam’s razor may have let me down: just because these were under a Great Tit-occupied box, they are not necessarily that species. There is a Blue-Tit box not too far away (adjacent property).
So: I will delete and re-post without reference to the circumstances, and leave the identity open.

On agreements - perhaps a post of a bird is usually agreed quickly - those of us doing seaweeds and littoral fauna can wait years for an agreement.