Probably a dumb question

When I first joined iSpot, I was getting messages from a ‘bot’ - which was offering some sort of tutorial. I didn’t pursue it at the time but now I cannot find out how to get back into the tutorial. It may be obvious to most people but not to me!
I did have a quick look at the help page but couldn’t see anything immediately.

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Hi Ken, This is probably the wrong way but your query sent me on a search as I knew I’d responded to discobot at some point. I found a message to me in the tutorial stream to me, saying to send this
@discobot start advanced tutorial
And then when I’d had enough, discobot sent me " If you’d like to speak with me again, send me a message any time".
Ask for a tutorial in a reply to your own question using @discobot and see what happens.
Because I used @ etc, discobot replied instantly. Follow its advice :smile:

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

Thanks, Jane. I’ll experiment with @discobot.
@discobot, where’s the disco!?

Let’s hope you get to the disco(bot)! :crossed_fingers:

He’s being coy - perhaps he’s hibernating!

What makes you write he?

Good point - what are they?

It is very intriguing, slightly demanding, just appeared then left… must be a she!

I’m sticking to ‘they’

I discovered that if I click on my logo at the top right and scroll back several months, I suddenly find a thread where #discobot is tutoring me!
But they want me to set up a poll; and I don’t have a poll that I want to set up. So - apparently - I can use the ‘skip’ command.
I think that there may be a place for an article on the help pages about getting in touch with @discobot

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