Problems with recording associations

I failed to record an interaction of a hoverfly ovipositing on a honeysuckle. I think this was a) because I had blurred the exact location of the records (not wanting to reveal the exact location of my garden;
b) because ‘ovipositing’ is not an option for the type of interaction. I think that this could be quite a valuable thing to record as many insects are quite particular in their choice of larval food-plants.

There aren’t any options regarding reproduction - which is rather surprising. But those interactions come from a straightforward database table, so they could be added without having to change the code. So one new option pairing might be:
laying eggs
having eggs laid on by

I think that would be excellent!
I’ll double check to make sure I got the grid coordinates correct, on the other point.
Thanks, Chris.

The coordinates of the hoverfly and the plant are identical - so I think that the problem arises from me not wanting to reveal the exact location of my garden online.

Simply ‘precisely’ locate them somewhere else.
Have a look in your Imprecise zone and find a suitable Habitat (via the Satellite view?)
Probably not need to mention it in the Text but perhaps you could in the Location panel
I have done this very thing, no-one notices

Interesting suggestion!

You have probably revealed your house, on Newchapel Road, in a number of Other Obs. It is not too difficult to find you and your car via Explore Community and Streetview.

You should work for GCHQ!

another option might be to set your location to not obfuscated then insert the interaction then switch it back to obfuscated, I don’t know if this would work or if it would cause other problems though.

I made a ‘meal’ of revealing where I live 8 years ago. ✳️My Orkney Garden✳️ | Project | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature Only Miked ever came…
I don’t think it’s an issue unless you write, ‘this is in my garden’. Plenty of Surreybirder’s Observations are in gardens other than his own. Though, if we are being ‘protective’ we should not cluster Obs, in that one place. No-one’s bothered where a hoverfly is but maybe if you have some ripe plums, I’ll be 'round later! And of course, there are some things, like Tuber magnatum, that are best kept ‘secret’.
Lately I have switched on the camera’s EXIF recorded - it is honestly accurate to within a metre (it seems)