Quick help question

I’m trying to understand the iSpot species dictionary. I wanted to check out ladybirds. I managed to navigate as far as Coleoptera (Animalia==>Arthropoda==>Hexapoda==>insecta==>Coleoptera but then I couldn’t find Coccinellidae. I’m not aware of any other steps on the way but I’m sure I’m wrong.

In my view, the most useful feature is the option to search for a particular species by name… but I’m sure that others use the dictionary for other purposes.

I assume that families with a ‘0’ next to them are ones that are not represented in the UK?

It won’t always work, due to different taxonomic interpretations, but go to WikiPedia and look at the taxobox.

That gives Coleoptera - Polyphaga - Cucujiformia and in the species browser from there you can see ladybirds as examplars of Cucujoidea which then gets you to Coccinellidae. WikiPedia has ladybirds in Coccinelloidea instead, and the cladogram at Cucujiformia has them nowhere near being sisters. WikiPedia cites a 2015 paper for the separation of Coccinelloidea from Cucujoidea.

You can also see ladybirds as examplars of Cucujiformia at Polyphaga, and of Polyphaga at Coleoptera, so in this case just using the species browswer would have worked.

I thought the (0) value meant no iSpot posts. Under the Fucaceae dictionary are listed only UK species, nine of them. Some have posts, others not.


Thanks JoC and Lavateraguy - roll on the day when taxonomists agree!

When taxonomists agree - but where will be the fun then?

I don’t think it will happen while I’m alive!