Rapunzel Lichen - Oh dear, I'm not sure which category to use

This is a very interesting lichen posted by Gigi and Mo_
Thought to be Ramalina by one, and Usnia by another and then a comment by Pieter threw in a new suggestion Santessonia.
I tried to link them by adding Santessonia (might be), but Nicky vB “Usnea” came first so still holds,
We still don’t have any idea of the correct ID.
And I’ve got a lot more to post - spotted on the rocks at Hondeklipbaai
Who can advise please?
Just to add to the chaos the new iSpot lost the link in the comments.

this is strongly reminiscent of Tillandsia usneoides which does not grow solely on trees.

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Interesting - especially as some of us thought it may be Usnea sp.
What we seeing is a pattern of a number of Lichen species growing on rock close to the coast but the distribution is really interesting.
My finds were at Honderklipbaai which is in the Northern Cape, whereas the others have been at Cape Point way down south.
We were helped by Froden with this ID (Caloplaca bonae-spei) also seen along the Atlantic Coastline and the Experts are still changing names https://www.flickr.com/photos/marigold_wilderness/albums/72157662513850302
We are getting somewhere :grin: