'Reputation' question

I’ve long been under the impression that one agreement is enough for one icon (possible exception if the agreer has no reputation score) - the reputation scale is logorithmic, with the first couple being easily obtained, and the remainder requiring increasingly large numbers of identifications.

Thanks for the explanation, Lavateraguy, and for the informative confirmation on the Papilio.

Yes this is more or less correct. We are currently looking at a variety of options to modifiy the reputation system because there are some issues at the higher ends. However the general idea that you mention here is likely to remain.


Did you know that we can award the FIRST Icon (say for good try!) without leaving an agreement?
Add an agreement and remove it. I often use this tactic to encourage newish posters.
It sometimes becomes necessary to later move the banner
See https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/869863/

I’ve just been surprised at how easy it is to get the second icon. I agreed to two observations from a new bioblitz participant, and that moved her from zero icons to two.

You have added an Expert agreement which is worth a few extra points
Two others are also quite powerful (I will be a third) - Amy has 26 Plant points, easily enough for a second Icon, bearing in mind the first is awarded with a single point.
Also she had a few points in store from her Other Obs
the Algorithm is under review at the moment.

I’m pretty sure that the second icon was awarded before anyone else made any agreements.

It is much easier to get one (or to some extent two) icons than the others.