Ruby tail wasp help please from video clip

Hi all,

I happened to see a ruby tail wasp on a concrete fence post on my patio and grabbed my phone and took a video as I thought I might stand a chance of getting a decent frozen frame instead of a picture.

I have uploaded the video to here:
Apologies it is blurry 13MB video of ruby tail wasp
If anyone might be an expert on them to advise if it’s likely the common one or one of the other two please? Would really appreciate it. It was so quick in its checks on the fence post my camera didn’t get chance to focus.

I tend to put videos on youtube or similar then do a screen grab of one frame. Then post an observation with a link to the video and put the screen grab as the image for the observation. There are quite a few nice ruby tails on ispot and some of them have words about how to identify.

Thanks miked,
I have attached a screenshot to this post although might be too difficult to determine the species accurately. I must admit he didn’t seem to waste any time in his search for new victims :grinning:
Ruby Tail

to get an identification you need to go to the ‘add observation’ button on top right of most of the pages on the website. this allows you to put in the location, date etc and any other details and you can post the screen grab and link to the video there. This turns into an observation such as: Ruby Tailed Wasp | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot Nature
It is there that people add identifications and agreements.