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It seems to be better - I can at least load the List view more often than not. Though working through the numerous un-visited observations seems to tire it out, leading to “Error 400” failures after a while.

It seemed a little better yesterday but now worse again for me.

Same here.
Same here.
Same here.
Same here.
Same here.

It did a couple of good does and then went slow again late AM today.

The programmers may have identified a fix for the current slowdowns but it may take a while (certainly not just a couple of days) to implement as it is quite complex. Involving a lot more than tweeking the sql queries. Am hoping the fix will be scalable i.e. will be able to add more resource relatively easily if there are future problems.


Any chance of getting to ‘know’ them via an observation or two? It is probably quite useful to them IF they are users.We will be ever so grateful

Might happen once they get over this very busy period, when the new one started with ispot they did put a couple of observations on.

I’ve ground to a halt as I cannot even get the gallery to open today.

The gallery does sometimes time out as it is taking long enough to load that you have time to make tea while it is loading.
The gallery is still the best way to go for now.

I’ve created a project set to gather UK and Ireland latest Observations. Viewing observations via the project is free from the glitches that are affecting the homepage carousel.

I’m fed up (as I expect some of the admin are) with the ‘No results found’ and the 404 errors that quickly arise when I do actually manage to gain access.
Add that to the Google Maps location issue, and a petty automated objection to an attempt at a (to be honest, not very) witty title to an ‘In the News’ post, and I begin to lose the will…

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Tempting to take a week off and then see if things have improved. What worries me more is that I’m sure it must be putting off new participants. What are all these schools making of it if they run into difficulties when they want to see how their projects are progressing?


So relieved to read all these comments and replies after experiencing the same problem - not me, thank goodness, simply a technical glitch in the system! The sheer size and complexity of this site is pretty mind boggling and grappling with it must be daunting in the extreme so huge thanks to those wresting with the problem against which my frustration is miniscule - good luck!

What a pain - trying to add a very early insect for Insect Week and iSpot won’t load at all now! It’s 7.04 and was available 20 mins ago.

Just now:

A timeout occurred Error code 524

Visit cloudflare.com for more information.

2024-06-24 06:07:03 UTC

There is the ongoing issue on the site which the programmers are working on but there also seem to be issues early (before about 08.35) in the morning. These are more random and may be due to backups and similar of various things not necessarily only ispot.

Thanks - good to know so I don’t get paranoid!!!

It’s now hanging for me, rather than just being slow.

I keep getting the no results found message, really frustrating and I know I’m missing loads of observations, which is sad as I always like to agree/comment where I can. Hopefully it can be sorted out in the not too distant future. Big thanks to all those in the background who will be working hard to fix it.

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Site generally working better for me today. Crossing fingers and touching wood that this will continue.