Search box Weirdness

1 searches don’t always give the same number of results
2 they give posts where the word is ‘nowhere to be found’.
The search results don’t seem to make sense. Eg a day or 2 ago I searched for “gooseneck” (with the quotes).“gooseneck” the list included
"Rock Pool inhabitant | Observation | UK and Ireland | iSpot
(Thanks for the correction Dejay)

Aug 28, 2011 … Buoy / Goose / Gooseneck barnacle? IMAG0776 · Mysterious find on Cornish beach! Strange crustacean · Buoy barnacles · IMG_2360is Goose Barnacles ? Invertebrate Storm Victims · Buoybarn670 · Goose Barnacles? BuoyBarnacle 001 · P1000119 · mystery molluscs · IMG_0455. « prev next ». Loading."
But clicking on the link, there was no sign of ‘gooseneck’ anywhere
There were roughly 16 posts found, but a day or so later only 12 found (not including the offending post; & a day or so on 14 were found (again without the offending post).
How does this variability in the posts found come about?
Anyway the same effect can be found by searching for “IMAG0776” (with or without quotes)“IMAG0776”
Where our ‘Rock Pool Inhabitant’ was the 2nd post (but as of now it’s the last post).
This post hasn’t got either ‘gooseneck’ or ‘IMAG0776’ in it so the search has found the list of names in the ‘other observations’ strap, which makes no sense at all & needlessly multiplies the number of posts found.

Weird, unpredictable, infuriating and selfish.
Search is VERY, shall we say, variable? As you suggest, search for the same item two days running produces different results - an iSpot mood-thing.
It used, up a month ago, really favour (was extremely biased to) Southern African Observations - not so now.
I couldn’t use your incomplete link to rock-pool-inhabitant- but I suspect it’s the same result of this one - NO mention of “gooseneck”. So we are left wondering why it’s in results. My guess is that it might be by association (as you write “'other observations’ strap”) - but it shouldn’t be. Nevertheless a Goose Barnacle is also a Gooseneck Barnacle, “quotes” or not.
My search for your ‘rock-pool-inhabitant-’ no quotes, does the biz - excellent result but where is the “specific” reference to ‘gooseneck’? No-where.
I have found Search a little more friendly over recent weeks, but often needing to go to Taxonomy first, then associated Observations. But you are quite right - it’s a Box of weirdness!
It is in the list here New year 'solutions?

There’s no guess about it. In it’s looked along the 'other observations strap & the 6th is named “Buoy / Goose / Gooseneck barnacle?”, & it then lists all the other names & ends with prev next.
NB your MarLIN link doesn’t work.
…I’ve looked into this,as I’d contacted Marlin a long while ago about old links not working & a good many were relinked, but now it seems none are relinking even the ones I wrote about to them