Searches on ispot

iSpot code update 3rd August 2017:

It is now 18 of August: two weeks later and this is still not fixed. Is this how URGENTly our CRITICAL ISSUES are fixed?

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In fact, the searches are finding fewer and fewer iSpot records from the OLD site. If you are lucky these will be mapped to the same observation on the revised site.

iSpot used to be the top source for almost all southern African animals and plants. It does not even feature anymore. The competition is there prominently but iSpot “no longer exists”

And I predict it will stay like that unless the CHANGES are properly restored, allowing users to interact meaningfully and increase the page hits.

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As you see, I have Liked (not loved) the above - I’d prefer it not to show as :heart:
I cannot make head or tail of searching iSpot. Looking for Blue Pimpernel and jAnagallis arvensis ssp. foemina just now produces anything but what I need - I want to see some Obs in the UK. Searching seems to favour ZA for one thing but produces a result that is next to useless for my purposes looks good. The first on the list leads to Observations - that’s fair.
But what about others in that list, like this one What the HELL has that go to so with m’ search?
Anyway I agree with Tony, it is now rare to find a link in Search Engines to an iSpot post. Even very new Observations used to figure very quickly in Google - often in the same HOUR!

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Have you had a look at it might give some indication as to why google still has not indexed ispot properly (or at all!). I have not tried the suggested items yet since the programmers said everything was under control and would magically appear on google at any moment but I am not so sure anymore.

They may have thought that but we know much better…
Try typing your user name iSpot into any Search Engine (miked iSpot) dismal result? Well, a few months ago, I was vain enough to try mine, several pages of links; Images was full for page after page, all up to date. Not now and plenty have broken links. But it is interesting how some Forum Threads and posts are getting into Searches

Recently @JoP identified a tree as a Staphylea. I added a comment expressing some skepticism. I was trying to find the observation to see if any more comments had been added. The iSpot search fails to find it, perhaps because the observation doesn’t have a likely ID.

Update: turns out that it’s been reidentified as Koelreuteria.

Yes. Search uses celestial code. You have to have watched every Star Trek episode to have a feel for it - honest.
There’s a clue here Partial Vulcan Logic (PVL)
My Mother was half Vucan, so I am one quarter…

Still not a single observation from the new site: only the old one …

If you want a response, you may need to rephrase that

I thought that you understood Vulcan??

The iSpot search that you gave still (this moment) only gives the old links …

Only my Mother spoke a little, I have not yet graduated
but I get it Search is a Mess by anyone’s standards. Recently I have had to resort to Google to find an specific iSpot Ob. and I did find it.

SEARCHING is still the pits.
In UK Community, search for Sundew, sent to ZA
Search is ZACentric

Just a Merry Xmas and Glorious New Year to you.

We are going to level 6 water restrictions: water to be trucked in and suburbs closed down in rolling water supply. We are at 120 days to no water. Fortunately, the rainy season starts before then, but last year there was no rain during this period.

Missing you lots but NOT missing iSpot!!! Why did we put up with it for so long? Have a great season!!

Yeh, that’s nice. You will know that iSpot misses you.
My guess is that many migrants still visit their old Spotpages - I hope so. All is not lost here, still a good community.
Good wishes
Plenty of Nature to go 'round