Seek (app) commentary

I tried Seek on a few pot weeds earlier in the month (not the best time of year to show it at its best), and it successfully identified Sonchus oleraceus. It got a few other species correct to genus.

I’ve just tried it out on the moss on my drive. Several attempts got no further than Bryopsida indet., but one came back as Calostoma cinnabarinum (a fungus) - turns out that it had picked up, and misidentified a Rosa canina agg. hip lying next to the moss. (How do I delete it from My Observations.)

Hi - you should be able to go into my observations where it should bring up a list. You should then be able to swipe left and it should show you a cross delete button. That’s how it works on my iPhone

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Should have said swipe left on the obvs you want to delete

I have no idea how iSpot behaves on a phone but assume that Luisa is correct for that method and if using a Tab, which I might try…
You need to find the Observation in My Observations (note the date and Title well).
If it’s an old one, it takes an effort to find it. Try page one, guess how far back it might be and use iteration to find it by changing the page number in the URL

Apologies lavateraguy- I thought you were asking how to remove observations from the Seek app - not iSpot so my comment refers to that - not deleting obs in iSpot.

I was asking about Spot - it’s Derek who mislaid the context. I gave your message a like to acknowledge that you had answered my question.