Set an alarm (and added padding characters)

If, like me, iSpot browsing and morning coffee go together. At 7:33 (by my PC), iSpot goes into “maintenance mode”. Whatever you’re doing gets lost. This can be irritating if you’ve just spent a few caffeine-depleted minutes trying to revise the text of a comment, to make it a bit less verbose and more intelligible.

Yep, been there; done that!

That’s when the database is backed up. The site is put into maintenance mode while this is happening so that there are no changes to the tables during the process.

Ditto!! making post at least


I’ve just hit this. I has assumed that you got the maintenance mode message when you actively tried to do something, but instead just switching to an iSpot tab on the browser invokes the message. Which implies that the JavaScript (or possibly the browser) is autonomously contacting iSpot. Does this have anything to do with the performance issues?