Is this a place we we can communicate CHANGES?
Start with @mike (for example) and say -
@miked Been here mike and added a new ID and It would be best to subscribe to email notification (set Tracking) in this Thread.
this can only apply to those who subscribe to the Forum
You would only need to look for your own name @dejayM

@Jo_Parmenter Downgraded the ID here Jo

OK - have agreed to ‘fix’ it

That works, as Forum tells you when a change has been made (which may be why I now am in the habit of looking at it - we all like feedback). Might get confusing if loads of people start using it, but could maybe have one for plants, one for herptiles etc etc

I suggested something similar back in early July, to rapturous acclaim (not).
But the value of notifications (by e-mail for this forum) is clear: I wouldn’t have visited the site any more without one.

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There are only four categories in the forum. I would suggest adding one for UK plants etc.

@Cassine @Jo_Parmenter @Amadan @dejayM
I am not, at this moment, convinced that 7 separate Group Threads is better than this single one - there are so few of us and the Notification is easy to find - let’s wait? though perhaps a ZA section @Cassine?
So, from this point, we are only allowed to add Changes Notifications (please?)
No need to acknowledge here as the Post, not the Forum, is the place. Can we try? Note that if you put a Carriage return (Enter) before or after the link it shows the link picture (unnecessary?)

@Amadan Rare…Comment and agreement added

Could I post links here to my observations that haven’t gotten I.D’s or comments yet?

I’m from Southern Africa

I’d say let’s reserve thread this for CHANGES. To be honest we all suffer from the problem you mention. You started a Thread here Time for my PLEA, so perhaps make another plea there with links to your posts. I’ll look at them, certainly.

@Jo_Parmenter more pix and comments added Senicio

@Tiggrx presence hoped for here!

Mark Hows please note

I’ve changed my mind about this one

@John_Bratton Mark is not ‘watching’ here John. we can tell that because @markhows does not become a Blue link. We can only notify those who subscribe to the Forum - what a pity eh?

@miked @Janice_A added a reasonable request to

@ChrisMcA I added a comment to

@dejayM: I’ve commented on

@Jo_Parmenter thanks for agreement here read my new notes?

@Tuli response BCE

@moremoth Needs YOU!