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Thank you! Fascinating… and the four other observations of “labouls” that that one links to are all well worth looking at too.

My Day Favourite (from the Help-with Carousel)
Intriguing Observation

All the excitement of a rarity and then the realisation…

This observation is one of many in the Unidentified Fungi Project. Possibly a Mycena. Fairly unremarkable until you read the comments. A reminder that iSpot is about people too.

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The comments on this post are so positive; glad to be part of this brilliant group.

the Complete Observation - rare

The complete illustrated guide

Excellent Sphagnum observation

Rarity of the new decade, so far

Technical excellence (again)?

Just simply nice - please ocassionally take a few moments in and offer a little support
This, below, enlarges really well

The Story of the Gypsy Moth Pupa. Worth a read!

I am still somewhat sceptical, but to show my attitude is not entirely wizened, I’ll put it here to make sure it isn’t lost among all the other hollies.

Day Fave

This is from
Andrew Fox (Reefpaths) was one a number of accomplished, long-standing, Observers and Photographers, who LEFT not long after the infamous 2017 recode. check out his Other Observations. Many of them are m’faves.

Lloyd’s Snow Flea…

Noticed by and promoted on the Highland Biological Recording Group’s Facebook page:

Sometimes it’s difficult but it should be easy!
What do YOU think?

Observation quality and microscopy

I am wading in the Plants without ID and could do with more help please
Not really a Fave but what a laugh! Yes?

Look out for ‘polleny Poo’. Definitely a Favourite!

This post took a while to load; now I see why as as it has over 60 plants listed,but none illustrated, as seen on a walk. A project with photos would have been informative,
I agree it should be deleted.