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Another bittercress species - Cardamine occulta. See Tim Rich’s guide to bittercress identification.

Very clear. Have you found other similar id guides like this tackling a few tricky species?

Tim Rich has another video on Ilex x altaclarensis

Which is here
Very good stuff, here’s the pretty Rich collection

Fantastic, thanks for sharing.
So far this year I’ve only seen Cardamine hirsuta / Hairy Bittercress in flower, although I’ve been looking out for C flexuosa / Wavy B. In a couple of months, I’m going to be taking a special trip to try to find the very different C bulbifera, which I’ve never seen.

I started on Cardamine, then continued to watch as more videos on othe species appeared. Several Hieraciums, then the video of the last specimen of Poa bulbosa in Wales.
Now I can agree Tim’s recent post of Hieracium reayense.
What a good find, Tim’s botanical videos. Thank you.

Tim Rich’s videos are part of bsbi website.

A growing collection from several botanists.

This could be of interest to those just getting started on botany.

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Thanks for sharing, these are wonderful. A rival Cardamine video too…

I was happily enjoying the hawthorns until not just their intermediate hybrid but also Crataegus rhipidophylla showed up.

The presentation of the Hawthorn video is good. The clearly annotated pictures and side bar text are informative and the music non-intrusive.

And the third species was new to me. All in all a pleasure.

brilliant - thanks for sharing