Spam and unread posts

The “Photo not uploading” thread had a spam comment (rapidly deleted), but this has somehow interacted with the way Discourse highlights new/unread posts, and its thread title is stuck on black, rather than grey. (I’ve scrolled down the thread list, and there are no more instances - for me, other people might see things differently - so there may be some timing issues involved in this.

I guess this is something just to report onwards to Discourse.

Clarification: this shows up on the Latest display - New and Unread give empty lists - so it’s just an oddity in the Latest display.

It shows up as grey for me

I did suspect that timing mattered. Perhaps my problem is that I saw the spam between it being reported and it being removed.

I was loath to Inappropriate this perhaps you should take it down @miked

Doesn’t look like a wildlife obs to me. Advert plain and simple - remove it!

Someone asked (me) about SPAM yesterday.
I often find it here, in the forum, and when I do, I report it to Admin. It usually disappears in a day or so. If you Flag it here it stays live for 23,9 hours, better then to add a STRONG NOTE (Spam above).
I have stopped notifying Spam in Admin Pages, just to see if ‘they’ are using the very hard won tracker - take here
I do so hope you are all keeping up with Admin’s Chile News.
And today HB passed me this - it’s spam but of the harmless sort.