Species Browser

Today, 29.10.17, the Species Browser link https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/global/species-browser does not have a thumbnail for seaweeds.I clicked on Species Browser in the drop down list under Explore community and also in the Ad Observation.
But I know that a thumbnail for seaweeds does appear on occasion in the species Browser, and a new iSpot user has recently referred to using it to identify a green seaweed.
I found it, by guessing at https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/species-browser/group/seaweeds
But why does it not appear as an option from all links all the time?
I am mystified, but feel sure someone out there will enlighten me.

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I’ve just tried the Species Browser via the main page, and it has a seaweed thumbnail. Presumably it just glitched for you. (Recently I’ve twice had empty lists for list observations in group plants.)

Hi lavateraguy, Maybe it is a browser issue. It is not there on Firefox or Dolphin for me, but it is on Safari.

Hi, I hope admin pick this up…
I have now realised it is that the Seaweeds thumbnail only appears in the UK-and-ireland species brower; I generally operate in Global, where seaweeds is missing.

Yes the Species Browser in Global is poor - plenty of Inverts and a whole section for Seastars. Plants are poorly represented. An Algae thumb would be recognition that they actually exist and, of course, Green seaweeds, Red seaweeds, Brown seaweeds - the Cinderellas of Botany, poor things!