The Tidal Thames and Climate Change

#Climate Change Is Affecting The River Thames, According To This Report

By Laura Reynolds

Possibly the biggest issue with Thames is how soon will it flood London i.e. when will it overcome the current Thames barrier.

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In some places the weight of the tall buildings has been blamed for the ground sinking.
In the past the build up of waste from previous buildings being demolished kept the soil level up. Vanity has taken over and old soil and rubble now gets carted away leaving the ground level lower.
They even take the old soil away and import new soil if they dig a hole in a road.

take a look at the tall buildings that we now have at Canary Wharf - see the street view -
Marsh Wall and the Thames Path are worth checking out wonder if this link will work - and then there is the empty building site - just a few crows remain - someone kills any plants that come up