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I quite enjoy having a go at these. There are some obvious trends I notice:

A lot of the moths are worn/rubbed scrapings off the moth trap posted by the same few people again & again. I don’t know how they get so many worn moths - do they fail to empty the trap for a few nights, or do they leave them in tubes too long?

Beginners should note - only post pictures of well-marked moths. You are unlikely to miss a great rarity by doing so. Gradually as you get to know the well-marked ones, you will be able to guess at the rubbed specimens if you want to.

The other common fault is angle of photo. Micros that fold wings around the body need a side view, but best to include top & side views. Aim to show as much of the wing as possible.

The only other fault, (which I’m often guilty of) is a note of size. Especially in pugs, the wing length is crucial, but even if it isn’t, it helps to know whether we are looking at a large or small moth, not always obvious in the photo.

Thanks again Jamie.
Moths are building up again here
Perhaps might have a look at some of those to save me moving them to the Pit. You would no longer need my agreement to make them Likely