The unidentifiables

He looks familiar and his name is on the tip of my tongue…

Another one declined. But I don’t know who he is either. Thanks though

this one

anyone in for an ID?

And this

Orange Quercus perhaps or an Unidentifiable. Anyone?
(I ignored the Forum Brain’s “Rather than several replies to a topic in a row, please consider a single reply that includes quotes from previous posts or @name references.”)

The knee bone’s connected to the thigh bone …

There are potentially 12 Obs already earmarked for this Project. Only Miked can add the magic tag to others’s posts so I am waiting for his return.
I am looking for more NOMINATIONS and for this The spectacular which is not yet a Project but a Thread


robert walker (ranon.2011) stopped posting in 2014
More please…

Unidentifed or Unidentifiable?

Another one…

Thanks - BOTH nominated. We await the return of @miked before Tag can be added to the nominated ones

Trying to identify a few more observations from Miked’s project…some seem to fit here.

♪ ♪ Thanks Helen ♫
Nominated… I found lots BEFORE forming the project, finding some again via my own Tracker is a nightmare!

Getting anywhere with this one would please me greatly:

anywhere? Jail!
this thread is reserved for Nominations. I have ‘a hundred’ IDs without agreements or comment - would you like to see them here?..All written with a big smile on m’face, just in case you think I’m getting at you…

Again, many thanks for putting this one - probably - to bed. And also thanks for all your hard work trying to make the site as interesting and entertaining as possible for all concerned.
I hope that the powers that be are taking note of the efforts you and some others are putting in: taking a leaf out of your book and addressing some of the remaining issues would be even better.

now showing 21 Observations

Please read the project script. More are to be added in the next few days.
We are still very keen to receive Nominations - Please.


Another one from the Other Organisms project

Nominated - thanks Helen