Tonga Earthquake

Although this is not biological I thought that some iSpotters might run their own met stations. Geoff Jenkins formerly of the Met Office brought this to my attention. The pressure wave from the Tonga volcano travelled around the world and could be detected by “garden” met stations. There is a website called Wunderground where you can see current weather and also search for historic data.

If you look at Jan 15 data, some of the stations show a “blip” - it may depend on the sensitivity of the station equipment.

Shows the pressure pattern for Lawford Somerset

This is a detail from it

This is for Stromness (it got to you Derek!) and is slightly earlier than Somerset

This site gives more info and shows the wave propagation

Very interesting, as a child I built a little weather station including pressure but it did not record as accurately as this!

Locally to me there is a high quality garden weather station that is on line.
It picked up the signals from it travelling both ways round the world.
There was a positive and then a negative blip and then later a mostly negative one. The timings were consistent with the speed of sound.

I first heard about it from a gardening related website.