Tweets and twittering

The current Home Page Tweet to iFocus is broken but thanks for the mention.
Can someone say, please how WE can get our tweets (promotions) in that panel?

Thanks for letting us know. They should both have continued to work ok. Have added a new one which works today although there is no visual with the post which is disappointing, but will check this again tomorrow to make sure the link is still active.

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Fixed thanks @Rachel_R
Please remember to give us coverage every week, every subject - and please consider making a booking y’rself. Mike will help.

That’s great @dejayM We’ll be doing the weekly iFocus all through Citizen Science Month. If you are on Twitter, please add our iSpot handle @iSpotnature to your tweet, and the iSpot/OU Team will like and retweet this for you. We can also pin tweets. Do let us know what your Twitter handle is through the iSpot mailbox please, so the iSpot Twitter account can connect with and follow you. If you aren’t on Twitter, then please let us know via the iSpot mailbox what things you’d like to go up on the iSpot Twitter Feed. The iSpot/OU Team all have access to this mailbox and we can review these as and when they come in. Hope that covers everything :slight_smile:

Thanks Rachel
I will look to this soon.
I have a twitter account