Two background images

While waiting as observations render slowly I noticed that two different background images are used. First it shows an image of arable fields with wooded hills in the background, and then it replaces it with an image of an urban section of a canal.

I suspect that this doesn’t help performance.

Yes, I’ve noticed that too. Obviously grabs a lot of bandwidth. The whole site is very slow at times.

Hopefully the images stick in the browser cache, and don’t require any bandwidth; but there’s still the overhead of rendering the first image and then throwing it away.

But it gets worse!
For a “page not found” the background loads, and then the page layout loads - first all the sidebars and then the background and then the background for the main page and then iSpot seems to discover that the page is not found and then it changes to the Err 400 scream!
Why does iSpot not just work out that the page is missing and then straight away say so without waiting for twitt and whose onli and background and other stuff.
Should speed up the system considerably.
And it twitta is slow, then the system hangs …

One of the suggestions I made prior to the 2014 upgrade was the ability to configure ones account so that iSpot doesn’t add all the links to social media sites.

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