Two "simple" fixes for performance

For some unknown reason iSpot serves up an observation much faster if you just click on a link from the recent observations carousel rather than opening it in a new tab or new window. The problem is when you go back to iSpot home where you have to wait for it to redeilver that and then navigate back to where you were in the carousel.

So it seems that having two or more windows open in iSpot gives a performance penalty,

So if we went back to how the old iSpot worked, with next and previous buttons on observations served up from the main./group recent observations carousels it would be much easier to work through observations. If iSpot stopped redrawing observations after you make agreements, instead of just noting your agreement as in the previous incarnations, we’d be back to something usable performance wise.

The limitations of the notification system (in particular the one or all filtering) would still be a problem; if activity picks up I can see people being swamping by notifications of agreements, but fixing the performance would go a long way towards making iSpot more usuable,

I AM swamped by my own activity in the Changes Tracker. I’d like to DRAIN the changes-swamp of my own activity!
Can someone fix that?
I tend not to work in more than two iSpot Windows at a time, as it’s to easy to think you’ve completed a task when you haven’t.

yes…same here. It was OK during the winter, but now can’t see the plants I want to follow up on for all the other plants!

Cheap Fix?

Bringing this BACK to the attention of the Admin team @miked @Janice_A
This should be a reasonably CHEAP fix - can it be done? PLEASE.

REMOVE all OWN changes from Changes Tracker,** they are recorded in the Activity Tracker
See Improvements requested ITEM 1
I hate it! Sometimes three pages long