Uk fungus day soon

is coming
There will be a Project run by Miked with a challenge on the Home Page
BUT before that, perhaps a few of us might FOCUS on what’s just gone from the home page
It is such a shame that so few people appear to be watching for Observations that disappear without comment.
One way to stay abreast of Just Fungi, for example, is to click THIS

And if you agree to one why not look through a few Other Observations of the same? How else will older Observations get the support they deserve?

Not sure if it will be in time for fungus day, not been there yet.

Temporary? For £426,000?
It’s a good thing it’s not ‘permanent’ like the HS2
Autumn Equinox is temporary and FREE!

Removed decayed link - most pf the iFocus’s and iBlitzes share that fate. i do not see the point in keeping them, no-one knows where they are kept

The National Fungus day has ended but the site is still worth visiting for the Videos - some, in archives, are particularly valuable

I found this today
It has a few IDs and 26 comments - it’s my Day Favourite. I would not have found it, nor contributed, without HBs observation of a similar one today. There are 73 Other Observations of Dacrymyces stillatus I did not visit them all but some, as always, could do with a review.
Miked’s Project still runs but closes in a few days.
I have added my share of Fungi each day (except the 29th was it?) and rediscovered the US site which is Oh-so useful
THIS is a very interesting part of that site Mushroom Observer: MO Images for Machine Learning (#20)
If you love Fungi there is still time to wander here -
it is due for recycling

went to find that art project other night but all I could see was a couple of signs saying there is hidden communication. Perhaps all the rest is underground and just need to imagine it is there or it was just too dark and rainy. There was some good to come out of the short trip though as I found a tanker refilling a fuel station (which was closed) so was able to get up early next day to refill vehicle there as all other fuel stations in the area have had no diesel all week.

That 26 comment observation is such a good read, thanks for the link and also the link to MO. I have many observations to add, lots of fungi from last few days. Often to make an obs I start with other obs, do some interactions, select some as links. Look at reference sites, select some as links. Then add the obs. So we’ll see if I am willing to take the risk of it disappearing!