Unidentified Observations

I recently had an observation of mine (from 2011) identified. I had actually identified it myself some time ago but had forgottenI had posted it to iSpot. Is there a way of filtering My Observations to pick any which have no id?

You can filter observations “without a likely ID”. That might be close enough for your purposes.

Open iSpot normally
Click Explore Community/gallery
Filter No ID
Filter your own user name
I do this regularly for others and leave messages
You had seven - I have just stolen this https://www.ispotnature.org/communities/uk-and-ireland/view/observation/518791/
I can mark them for you if you fail in the quest.
Of interest the few users who have less than 3 digits for their user name cannot do this.

Thanks for the help. I mainly use iSpot for identifying things I don’t know or would like confirmation of. I tend to forget about posts fairly quickly even if they haven’t been identified. I haven’t really used the search or filter options before.