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Update: changes and tracking functionality - from the iSpot Team

said 6 in the comments column

thanks: Spot on! It say say 6

but there are none!

What an improvement! It goes a long way to restoring iSpot’s relevance to people like me. Now, what bugs have crept in with it? And how many more to be hunted down?
Ah well, festina lente, as the Romans probably didn’'t say.

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Interaction Messup!!!

Due to the community malfunction!, we have

in the soutehrn African community
now go and click on the interactions:

Of course they should say “The page you are looking for cannot be found because we have programmed the site so badly that nothing works properly. We are very sorry, but we are taking you money anyway, and you can pay us a lot more if you ever expect to get it fixed this millennium!”

Of course if you go to the global site you can find the observations, and hay guess what - there is a global version of the same page as well. Just to make sure everyone gets totally confused.

Hey, iSpot remembered my location, or within 100m anyway - or was it Firefox??, I just ok’d them to let iSpot remember my location. Must try posting a few obs from elsewhere

double-check please.

tried again and if I choose to allow my location to be remembered then a streetmap of my home immediate surroundings appeared on the map again (without me inputting any location name or details) with the pin about 100m away from house. (This of course is only any use if the photos are taken in the same place as the computer is housed) That ob proceeded as normal from then on.

Then I tried the same thing but clicking the Firefox to remember box when I allowed my location to be kept and a strange thing happened. Initially as before my immediate area appeared on the map and I moved the pin and proceeded to the details page but this time I couldn’t move on to the ID page so I went back to the map and the co-ordinates are there but the map has reverted to the sub continent

I put in the location title after the map had appeared and I’d finetuned the pin position

Ignore the map display: another one of many bugs

Are the coordinates correct?
And the resolution (remember 10km = 0.1 1km = 0.01 100m = 0.001 and 10m = 0.0001) - is it correct?

Yes, so this is the default, and it is going to give us lots of issues as observations from all over the country are going to appear in user’s studies and bedrooms.

The delay in access to the ID page was possibly due to one of the images that didn’t load properly, the timer symbol just kept rotating until I removed the image and reloaded it; after that I could proceed with the ID

It seems to have some distinct advantages to the old version. When you click on a link to a change the item stays on the list next time you visit it, that’s helpful if you need to find your way back to something which could be an issue on the old version. The ability to filter it to focus on what interests me seems likely to be useful - although I’d like to see the ability to save the filters here just as in observations.

You obviously do not know about the mouse-wheel-click which opens the link in a new tab, keeping you on your list. Worked like a charm.
As a user of the mwc I did not notice that this system did this.

I went into Firefox and permanently disabled my geo location

gets a bit monotonous doesn’t it (was referring to the yellow lines, haven’t got the hang of these screenshots yet)

monotonous: have just gone through two pages of yellow. A major pain separating my contributions from others, esp. with the duplicates …

The ‘Find a Location’ has ceased to operate. I plug in Gaborone, get a choice, highlight the relevant one which then appears in the box but the map doesn’t change. So I manually zoom in but I get no pointer. I maneuver my location to the centre of the page and click again, sometimes the correct location appears on the observation but more often the pin (which has now materialised) is in another area of Gabs so I have to edit, and you know what that does to my Activity-changes listing! I didn’t notice to start with so there may still be a few inaccurate locations in some of tonight’s postings and its too late to look right now