Warmest Feb on record in UK? but worst for hayfever?

At least for mean max temperature I suspect given how many days there have been with a max temp above 15C. However this warm weather also seems very good for facilitating large amounts of pollen from the trees that flower at the moment which is causing me and I am sure lots of other people problems with sneezing. From memory this sneezing does not normally happen until later when the birches start.

Yes, it’s in the News here and Japan https://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/hot-february-brings-misery-hay-14039042 - - https://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2019/01/22/national/hay-fever-season-predicted-arrive-mid-february-across-much-japan/#.XHRkE-igKHs

https://www.worcester.ac.uk/about/academic-schools/school-of-science-and-the-environment/science-and-the-environment-research/national-pollen-and-aerobiology-research-unit/pollen-calendar.aspx I wonder if it is all the alder and hazel that are planeted all over MK in the landscaping and roadside trees that are causing the issue. These small trees have become more popular in recent years as councils and landscapers are terrified to plant large trees.
Incidentally I was at Kew yesterday when the 21.2C winter temperature new record was set, was remarkable to see the thousands of visitors in shirt sleeves picnicing and sunbathing on the grass without having to worry about sunburn.

“without having to worry about sunburn”
Incredibly, after a day scrub-bashing at Barnack last Sunday, several of us had distinctly reddened skin!

I did end up checking the MetOffice summary. It was the warmest February on record for mean daily maximum, but only the 2nd warmest for mean temperature.

We had so little ‘Winter’ but chus now three almost calm mostly sunny days Already this morning at 8:20 bees were buzzing and gnats are dancin’. The sea is not noticeably warmer but the air, just now, is 11°. Full sun and burning m’ fair skin. I dare say it might snow next week though.