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I think you just have! Derek is keeping a note of the bookings. I’m down for wk beginning 26 March and happy to take a later date.

Go to the Project GUIDE and book a Friday date in a comment.
I have reserved 2nd April - say if it’s unsuitable
Don’t reveal the subject until the day!
Primroses have 324 Observations - one aim is to try to visit them and add comment, resource or counter IDs

That is fun but someone does need to coordinate incase someone else had been preparing the same subject. Perhaps tell dejayM but not put it on generally visible list.

Seems hardly necessary with ‘we Naturalists’ who would have a whole week to refine the same organism or a subspecies or, more simply, try something else. I think the key is to find something no-one has thought of!
My opinion is that it requires only a few minutes, maybe seconds, to find an interesting organism in iSpot. - works for me! I have just spent half an hour on (Californian) Fresh-water Hydrozoans
Part of the ‘plot’ is to do a practise run, anything would do for that.
The next iFocus (mine) will open the iSpot Encyclopaedia on choices and choosing.

Support Mags49’s SPRING for a week

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Okay, you’ve talked me into it! I can’t do any remaining April bookings but I can commit to 7th May - 14th May. Jane

Booking made - no deposit required!

Look forward to your one. The idea of subject clashes did occur to me early on, but I think the variety of approaches and the element of surprise are strengths, and a week to work on an alternative seems reasonable should someone steal your topic or thunder!

Can I ask something? Maybe inappropriate (in which case, pls inappropriate me!!) but: would you or Rachel or Janice or whoever holds the account strings consider tweeting in support of the ‘Five Days of Equinox’ 2021spring (tag) bioblitz to encourage iSpot users to post observations from these five days 18-22 March to mark the coming of astronomical spring.

My iFocus this week is a bit different in that it asks people to do something, so any encouragement would be great. I’ll add something to own observations and have added notes to the iFocus and to my signature as well.

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DO notice that is has been done - see home page.

Big thanks for the tweet! I appreciate it. I hope we get lots of observations.

Although the iFocus will disappear in the next day or so, the project runs for observations up to and including 22nd. :grinning:

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:heart:iFOCUS Changes EVERY week
PLEASE support us

:heart:Bookings are always required for :heart:iFocus
Covid free location, no deposit required, pets are welcome, free return fares

A casual remark I made here:

Has me thinking now: could you use a filter to collate observations with a feature such as with micrographs?

Pretty simple. Devise a tag (micro1) add it to all the Observations that ‘comply’ with the brief.
Someone writes a project to collect them all. The project text gives advice about HOW to create them and what level of micro is needed. It will be a disparate collection, with femurs of Ichneumonidae. penises of flat periwinkles, spore of algae, eyes of spiders, cell structures of seaweeds and…who knows?
You write the project then invite people to add the tag. I hope you have more success than here
I love Barbara’s (Spot) Pollens!

“Devise a tag (micro1) add it to all the Observations”
I suspect that might take a little while…
By the bye: leaving the old weekly project “alive” was a simple case of forgetfulness…

Not at all, there are very few Obs with reasonable micrographs (micro-photos) that are useful
Begin today, I’ll help!
Forgetfulness is quite allowable. An iFocus is hard to let go…

Yes, I find the combination of the pollen detail and Barbara’s great images very attractive! Just to add re W&P: perhaps it is typical for iSpotters to do so alone? That’s more often the case for me than not, especially since working or volunteering in pairs or groups has not been happening.

For Amadan, George G added several posts with micro photos like this one

Happy to compile a list if someone can add the tag.

Only the original user or the Curator can add tags.
The only way is to invite the user IF they are active, otherwise miked can be asked. I cannot see anyone objecting to a tag being added.
A collection can be started the moment the first tag is entered
Micro is freely used at the moment for that annoying brand of moths!
micro1 would be unique but there are 9 others in the micro list It is unlikely anyone one else would choose it by mistake.
We are in danger of obscuring the original :heart:iThread here…chus sayin’

:smile: Bookings are required for

June, otherwise it will FAIL