What on earth: which community am I in?

I thought I was in the southern African community.
But the header strip says GLOBAL.
And the Article items are GLOBAL
but the Carousel says: southern Africa?

Does iSpot know what it is doing???

I inadvertently deleted the first answer here, some traces may show, sorry
You may have,lost your community because you clicked on another community’s posts, say, typically from the Help with Global carousel. It happened to me yesterday when making a new post, so I deleted it and swatted the Bug dead.
It’s common to be stuck in the wrong community - just through viewing other Communities
Obviously iSpot is confused. It’s all trashy and getting worse as we ‘progress’.
Maybe it should show this when adding a new

I regularly post stuff from other communities. iSpot must handle this intelligently. Unless I change communities, it must stay in my community.
If I search, it must be only from my community.

I dont mind hiccups with the rewrite, but I am gatvol about how there is no fixing of the bugs identified. And I am alarmed at the disdain shown by the Open University for data quality and integrity: this is not the way any scientific institution should ever treat scientific data.

Yes, agreed we cannot patch it any more
I propose a rewrite of the new programme. The list of old bugs is being surpassed by the new one. there is only enough money and enthusiasm to fix the easy bits.
Would we pay for being a user - would the money be valuable to a good programmer - did I write that?

(Gatvol - South Africa, slang) Completely fed up; very upset

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Gatvol: I prefer a ruder analogy referring to another hole: cf. “constipated” (hence “fed up” - not to be confused with “full of sht”).