Where is the house?

Where is it and what is the significance of the house in the grey background photo ?

No idea, I could ask the programmer who put this in but it was a long time ago.

No idea I can’t see anything.No photo.

This one, I presume. The background image for iSpot UK & Ireland.

Thanks Thistle have now got the photo.

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I hadn’t seen the water before. It is off the bottom of the photo. I suppose that mallard makes it a wildlife scene. If we can get the location, Derek in Orkney can include it in his new series of virtual records.

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I tried AI recognition in Google images

But all I got was a VERY long Hyperlink

Here y’ go - I searched Oxfordshire (after Buckinghamshire) mills. the same day by the same photographer?
I hope iSpot has the copyright!

And never miss the opportunity to use Geograph (our sister site) https://www.geograph.org.uk/photo/721348
Send money…


If you want another challenge try the cover photograph for the recent novel Ormeshadow. (The setting of the novel might be a fictionalised Brean Down, but the photograph is from elsewhere.)

I remember this.
Here’s the other, metioned here Two background images
It’s rare and only appears when there’s a lengthy difficulty loading observations